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when DON'T you know, you DON'T KNOW

If you are on TikTok, then you know the phrase "when you know, you know." But have you ever watched a TikTok and thought "I don't think this person's knows." I just watched a TikTok about co-parenting with a narc and I'm questioning if this person has actually co-parented with narc / high-conflict individual / bully / asshole. Please feel free to use whatever term you would like to describe the individual in which you get to your raise children with. I don't generally find bad videos on this subject matter because when you know, you know. But this video had some many wrong things said that I was a bit shocked.

He describes co-parenting with narc as "getting into a jam." I have never heard anyone describe co-parenting with a narcissist in this manor.

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