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the unlearned life was born

My first TikTok post occurred on 07.08.2021 and it was about hiring a private investigator to follow your ex, your child, or perhaps even your self and included a picture of me from Washington, DC sitting in giant letters that spell out "SPY."

I really made this TikTok video and, sub-sequentially two other videos on this date, in order the gage the name I had finally decided on and see if it worked well with being a high conflict custody and divorce coach. I wasn't actually planning on launching this coaching practice until I had taking a course I'd been looking at for over a year by Tina Swithin.

On 07.09.2021, I made a video with a picture in the background that read the following: In Family Court, socially undesirable behavior is greatly rewarded, while those who take the high road pay a catastrophic price. This is wrong. I voice recorded my message while this image remained in the background of this video. I stated - this is why I've decided to call my practice the unlearned life. Family Court in a place where justice is ignored, lies are accepted, and children's rights don't matter.

On my birthday (07.22.2021), I reached my biggest milestone to date on TikTok and hit 1,000 followers, which also meant that I could now go LIVE on TikTok. I haven't done this yet but I plan to this week.

Today is 07.26.2921, which means it has been 18 days since that first video was posted on TikTok. Here are my TikTok stats thus far: 11 posts, 1,238 followers, 37.9K video views, 932 profile views, 3,009 likes, 293 comments, and 203 shares. I also had my first duet video created by a TikToker. To say I'm excited about the possibilities of TikTok and helping other mothers is an understatement. I'm also very excited about how to monetize my practice and the sense of self worth that would come from being about to monetize something I love doing and I'm extremely passionate about would just be incredible.

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