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You are going to establish the fact that he is a great parent

and that he has his child's best interest at heart.

How are you going to this? Well it's actually pretty easy.

You are going to ask this question first?

Do you love love your child?

His response is likely going to an exaggerated yes and it's likely going to sound something like this.

Of course, I love my child. I would do absolutely anything for my kid.

Then you are going to ask this question or a similar question

depending on what you are trying to prove

based on the evidence you have.

Do you think spending time with you child is a top priority for you?

His response is likely going to be

"Oh yes. Absolutely. I spend as much time will my kid as humanly possible.

Next you are going to introduce your secondary evidence. Your secondary evidence is all those emails, text messages, missed doctor appointments, missed school conferences, etc.

Listen up because this next piece of advice is very important. You are going to want to use his responses to those earlier questions to introduce the evidence that you have collected because that is how you are going to get it admitted in court.

We all know that actions speak louder than words.

And we all know that he is all about putting on a show with his word

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